Aggregate Data Unveiled from A+D Gallery Exhibition


Last week’s WAC Crawl was a rather drenched affair, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm, or stop all the activities from moving full steam ahead, including the all night final administration of the Bem Sex-Role Inventory. This test, first published in 1974, was created by Pittsburgh American psychologist Sandra Bem, in an effort to measure androgyny.

InterArts Assistant Professor Melissa Potter created an open evaluation space in the A+D Gallery as part of the Construction exhibition.


The last night of the show coincided with the WAC Crawl, and was thus a perfect opportunity to have gallery visitors from both in and outside the Columbia community to drop over and fill out the test. InterArts Alumna Kaitlin Kostas was in residence as test administrator, handling the crowds and discussion the test results with the many visitors including Alex Borgen, Leo Selvaggio, Dawoud Bey, and many others from the college and surrounding community.


The final results and discussion have been published in the Gender Assignment tumblr blog under the latest post “All Good Gender Assignments Must Come to an End.” Data has been analyzed and compiled, but no judgements are assigned—that’s up to each individual to do, or not. One surprising result from the aggregate data? Women papermakers test to be more masculine. Read more and come to your own conclusions, by clicking the link above.

Exhibition poster design by InterArts Book and Paper alumna Maggie Puckett.

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