Columbia College Chicago Theatre Alumni Open ‘Fight Quest’ Fantasy Play April 17


Otherworld Theatre Company, an ensemble founded and led by Columbia College Chicago Theatre Department alumni, opens its next production Sunday, April 17: Fight Quest, Module One: The Bandits of Hollow Hill. The fantasy-oriented production runs Sundays at 7 PM from April 17 through May 22 at the Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark, Chicago. For tickets, click here.

“Bandits have taken up refuge in Hollow Hill, raiding any caravan that passes,” the show’s creators declare. “The local townsfolk are desperate for a savior to come and chase the ruffians away . . . and you may just be exactly what they’re looking for! Choose your champion–from Barbarian, Ranger, Monk, or Rogue–and play beside them as you guide their path. Root for them as you watch your chosen champion fight enemies with the spectacle of fight choreography. Intrigue, choices, and plenty of fights await you. If adventure and glory call out to you, the Game Master will see you now.”

Columbia College Chicago Theatre Department alumni on the creative/production team for Fight Quest include playwright Bennett Decker Bottero; fight choreographer Kai Young (BA ’12), a graduate of Columbia’s Acting BA program; and producer Tiffany Keane (BA ’12), a graduate of Columbia’s Theatre Directing Program. Bottero and Young are also cast members, as is Grace Gimpel (BA ’12), a graduate of Columbia’s BA Program in Musical Theatre.

Founded in 2012, Otherworld Theatre Company specializes in theatre dedicated to science fiction and fantasy storytelling.