Columbia College Chicago Theatre Department Presents British Visiting Professor’s Production ‘Glockenspiel’ Oct. 6-8



The Columbia College Chicago Theatre Department is proud to present Glockenspiel, written and directed by Visiting Professor Steven Dykes from Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in the United Kingdom. With a cast and crew of Columbia College students, this drama explores the impact of extensive combat deployments on the U.S. military, featuring a cast that reflects the diversity of our military and their families. At a time when the United States’ volunteer army is stretched to breaking point, Glockenspiel explores the war on the home front, the alliances formed by those left behind and the sense of betrayal and rage that undermines trust, support and hope. While tackling issues of race, class and sex, the play also celebrates the humor and spirit of ordinary people trapped in an extraordinary situation.

Performances are Tuesday, October 6, at 7 PM; Wednesday, October 7, at 1:45 and 7 PM; and Thursday, October 8, at 1:45 PM. All shows take place in the first-floor Classic Studio of the Columbia College Chicago Theatre Center, 72 E. 11th St., in Chicago’s South Loop. All performances are free. Space is limited, so reservations are strongly recommended: click here for tickets.

Steven Dykes

Steven Dykes

Steven Dykes is the program director of the American Theatre Arts degree at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, located in Lamorbey Park, Southeast London, England. He is teaching at Columbia College Chicago this semester as part of a faculty exchange between the two schools, which have already developed an ongoing international student exchange over the past four years. Next year, Rose Bruford College will host Columbia College Theatre Department professor Brian Shaw, who will direct short plays by Ionesco and Beckett.

The faculty and student exchange programs with Rose Bruford College are part of the Columbia College Theatre Department’s expanding activities in the area of international theatre study. This fall, the Theatre Department launched a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting with International Performance Study, offered in association with Rose Bruford College, which provides students with the opportunity to prepare for a career as a global artist, equally adept at interpretation or creation, in classical work as well as the most current media practice. Next year, the Theatre Department will launch its first-ever graduate-level program: a Master of Fine Arts in European Devised Performance Practice, offered in partnership with the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). The program offers students the chance to study in three great urban centers of innovative theatrical performance: Berlin, London, and Chicago. For more information, e-mail Michael Brown at