Dwellsy Scholarship

Dwellsy is proud to announce our second annual collegiate scholarship, open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at a university in the United States.

This scholarship was created to help five distinguished students cover their expenses so they can focus on their education. Each recipient will be awarded $1,000 to help with tuition fees or housing costs at the applicants discretion. As Dwellsy is a company centered around rental housing, we wanted the award to be enough to cover a full month’s rent. We hope the Dwellsy scholarship will help alleviate some of the financial burdens that come with higher education and the ever-increasing cost of living.

How to Apply

To apply, students must complete an online application form that can be found here. You will be asked to provide some basic personal information about yourself and your school, in addition to answering a brief written response question.

Written Response Requirements

Applicants will be asked to read the following quote from the renting guide book, Everything You Need to Know About Renting But Didn’t Know to Askand respond to the corresponding question in 200-400 words.

“If you know your rights [as a renter], you’ll be able to understand if you’re not being treated in accordance with the law, and you can take action. Knowledge is power.” –Jonas Bordo

Question: What’s one thing you think all renters should know?

Scholarship Rules

Anyone enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate school program at a university located in the United States is welcome to apply. Awardees will be asked to provide proof on enrollment if selected. The selection process will be based on the following four criteria: quality of writing (25 percent), ability to respond to the prompt (25 percent), general cohesion (25 percent), and overall excellence (25 percent). Awardees will be notified by email, at which time they will be required to provide necessary information for payment distribution. Dwellsy holds the right to share the names and responses of selected winners in future scholarship promotional materials. For more details on the scholarship rules, click here.


Deadline – December 30, 2023

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