Blexb Rank Shows Value Scholarship

This is Blexb annual scholarship program for 2023, which aims to ease students’ tuition burden and make it easier for them to complete their studies. Participants are required to submit a topic essay, and the only winner will receive $1,000, meanwhile, his/her essay will also be displayed on various platforms for others to read.

How to participate

  • Write an essay by topic (at least 500 words).
  • Share your participation in the Blexb scholarship program OR your experience of using Blexb on Twitter. You need to add this link ( and mention the official Twitter account of Blexb (@blexbofficial) in your post. There is no limit to the number of characters in the post.
  • Submit your essay and the URL of the Tweet you published via the application form here.

Topic for 2023

Your thoughts on Rank Shows Value

Rankings can be found everywhere, whether in real life or on the Internet. But we rarely sit still and speculate about rank. What does ranking data mean? What is its value? For websites, Blexb believes that website rankings can explain some information about the website and reflect its value to a certain extent, so the first thing our plugin does is to accompany the user’s browsing to instantly display the global ranking of any website the user visits. Rank Shows Value is one of Blexb’s concepts, and we want to be recognized, but also to hear some different voices.
Deadline – October 15, 2023
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