WorthEPenny Save Every Penny Scholarship – $1,200

A penny saved is a penny earned. That’s the motto of WorthEPenny. Our team understands that students may struggle with money issues and could even lose their chances for higher education. Therefore we have launched the “Save Every Penny” scholarship for high school and college students who need help with their student loans and tuition fees.

How To Apply

YouTube – Video

The student needs to create and upload a 1-5 minute video to YouTube. The video should meet the requirements below:

  • The video title should be: “WorthEPenny Scholarship”
  • The student needs to link back to WorthEPenny scholarship page https://www.worthepenny.com/scholarship in the video description.
  • The video theme should be “How to live a frugal life in high school / at university”


The students

  • Must be at least 15 years old.
  • Need to be a student at a tuition-based secondary college or university in the USA or Canada for the current academic year.
  • Need to provide your name, address, and proof of your school acceptance.
  • Can only submit one application for the current academic year.

Deadline – May 10, 2023

For more information and to apply click here