CouponBirds “Help to Save” Scholarship

CouponBirds has launched the “Help to Save” scholarship for high school and college students who need help with their tuition fees. Firstly, this program requires the participants to upload a 2-3 minute video (no longer than 5 minutes). Secondly, participants are required to post on Twitter or Facebook with information related to saving money with CouponBirds SmartCoupon Extension. Individuals with the best idea and response will be selected to give a presentation at our site, last but not least, the person with the most creative idea will win the grand prize.

2022 CouponBirds $2,000 Scholarship Prize will be awarded to 3 winners. There are 2 levels: The First Prize for $1,000, 1 winner; The Second Prize for $500, 2 winners.


  • The CouponBirds “Help to Save” Scholarship is open to high school and college students of all nationalities.
  • College students interested in participating in the scholarship program must be enrolled at an accredited university or college and 18 years or older.
  • Open to high school and college students of the United States or Canada for the current school year (2021-2022).
  • Each student must have a legitimate acceptance letter from an accredited university, college, or high school for proof.

Steps to Apply

  1. Fill out the required information
  2. Install CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder at Chrome/Firefox/Edge. Click Here.
  3. Subscribe to CouponBirds’ social media channel
  4. Upload your video to YouTube with the title “Save Money with CouponBirds SmartCoupon Extension”, add a link ( of CouponBirds SmartCoupon Extension Introduction Page in the video description. Describe your video in simple words.
  5. Post your using experience with CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder on Twitter or Facebook, add a hashtag #CouponBirdsSmartCouponFinder and a link ( of CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder Introduction Page.
  6. Submit your application with one click at the bottom of the application page.


Deadline – October 10, 2022

For more info click here