Local Pro Book 2022 Scholarship

Most of us have come across a variety of chores around the house such as cleaning the gutter or updating the siding. Today, many homeowners are looking for contractors to perform services over the Internet, using a variety of options and approaches. Describe your experience in this situation. If you do not have such experience, then imagine a situation that, for example, you have a roof leaking in a house or water flowing from a pipe in the basement. What and how will you do as a home owner?

We have made up a small outline for you. Here’s the list of questions that we would like to be covered in your essay:

  1. Have you been looking for contractors for services or helped parents, relatives who are poorly versed in all these “Internet tricks” to find the contractors?
  2. What problem did you face around the house? Did you realize yourself what was necessary to do to solve it and how? Have you faced such a problem before?
  3. What did you use to find someone who fixed the problem and how? Was it easy to use this service? How long did it take you to find a specific contractor to perform the services? Have you looked for a contractor review before choosing one? If so, where and how? Name the company that provided you with their services.
  4. Did the cost of the work performed correspond to that previously agreed? If not, how much was the discrepancy and why? What do you think would help to more accurately determine the cost of the work?
  5. Did you leave any feedback about the contractor? If so, on what web resource and why exactly there? If not, then why (e.g. you were too lazy, you did not consider it necessary, you just forgot, etc.)? Is it important to write a detailed review of the work done, or is it enough to just “like”?
  6. What does the best web service that help you, as the owner or prospective owner of a house, find a contractor look like?

If you suddenly find yourself on the other side of the situation, precisely on the part of the contractor (perhaps you worked part-time in a company in the summer, perhaps your parents have a family business), describe this situation in your essay.

A good addition would be a before/after photo, or the final result.

We offer a semi-annual competition for a $ 500 college scholarship. Twice a year, we award a $ 500 college scholarship to one US student to help pay for his education.

Who can participate:

  1. Applicants must either be currently registered or plan to enroll in an accredited college or university.
  2. There is no requirement for a cumulative GPA.
  3. All students can apply.

How do I apply?

You need to publish your work on the Internet with access for everyone. It can be published on a student blog, on your university website, on your own site (if you have one), or on a popular free blogging platform like blogger.com or any other one.

Include at least 1 link that cites a reputable source to support your position.

Include 1 link to our service localprobook.com

When done, email us at scholarship@localprobook.com. Submit your full name, college / university name and address, email to contact you, enrollment message you have. Be careful with your contact information, because in case of your victory and inability to contact you, the winner will be re-elected.

You must send us the URL / link of the page where your public essay is located so we can rate it.

Deadline – August 15th

Winner Announced – August 30th

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