Student Game Award

The Student Game Award is dedicated to the next generation of talented and innovative game developers and artists. Presented in collaboration with Autodesk and The Game Development World Championship.

This category highlights students for their outstanding game design and development accomplishments – from 2D to 3D and anything in between. The category is open to students from all over the world. Whether you’re studying game development, biology, anthropology, or something else, you can enter this category as long as you have a game to show us!

Find the category Rules here, and Frequently Asked Questions here. Submissions are open until midnight Finnish time, December 31st 2021.


The Championship is split into three Divisions: PRO, HOBBY, and GAME JAM.

  • PRO Division is for commercial games. Any game that has means to generate revenue is considered a commercial game. These means include, but are not limited to, selling the game itself, selling in-app purchases or microtransactions, showing ads inside the game.
  • HOBBY HOBBY Division is for non-commercial games. Any game that has no means to generate revenue is considered non-commercial.
  • GAME JAM Division is for games made entirely during game jams. To participate in this category, you have to provide the name of the Game Jam during which the game was made. If your game has been significantly developed further or completely re-made from the original Game Jam version, it is not eligible to participate in this Division and should be submitted to one of the other Divisions.

Each game has to belong to a Division, but a game can only belong to one Division.
You can apply for any of the Divisions with as many games as you wish.

The Championship is further divided into multiple Competition Categories. 

For the Championship year 2021, the Competition Categories are following:

  • Pro PC Game of the Year (PRO Division)
  • Pro Console Game of the Year (PRO Division)
  • Hobby Game of the Year (HOBBY Division)
  • Mobile Game of the Year (PRO, HOBBY, and GAME JAM Divisions combined)
  • Best Game Jam Game (GAME JAM Division)
  • VR Awards – Best VR Game (PRO, HOBBY, and GAME JAM Divisions combined)
  • VR Awards – Best VR Prototype (PRO, HOBBY, and GAME JAM Divisions combined)
  • Student Game Award (HOBBY Division)
  • Fan Favorite (PRO, HOBBY, and GAME JAM Divisions combined)

Participation in the Fan Favorite category is automatic for all submitted games.


Winning Team gets one (1) executive coaching session of up to 3 hours with career coach extraordinaire, Jean Leggett!

All Top 5 Teams get:
+ Exclusive feature interview on Autodesk’s community website, AREA.
+ Cool Autodesk SWAG!

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