$500 Customized Girl Annual Scholarship

The Customized Girl Annual Scholarship is awarded to students who know how to make a statement in few words!  The Customized Girl company, established in 2004, creates custom apparel and accessories, including tee-shirts. They want to empower the next generation to “share a statement with the world.” This scholarship is the perfect opportunity for creative students who want to shine without writing extensive essays. So, think about something important that you want to share with the world, and start designing. Have fun!

Who is eligible to apply for the Customized Girl Annual Scholarship?

The application is open to almost everyone. Despite being called the “Customized Girl” Scholarship,  this is an inclusive company, and in fact, males are eligible to apply. As long as you are a student who will be/are attending college, you are eligible to apply. The website has a simple application page to fill out where you will be asked about your future academic plans.

The judges are looking for statements that are, as the website states, “interesting, fun, and clever.” With that in mind, be original and let your creativity flow. This is a really fun way to apply for scholarship money while being creative. After you create your slogan, tag @CustomizedGirl and also include #CGScholarship when you share on Instagram. Have fun while taking a chance on winning a useful scholarship.

How much is the Customized Girl Scholarship worth?

Two lucky winners will receive $500 each. Winners will start the New Year off right, as they will be notified on January 31st!

When is the scholarship application deadline to apply?

The application is due on December 21, 2020.

Click here to check out the website to view previous winners’ creations.

Still have questions? Click here to contact the Customized Girl company.

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