$2000 Janie Moore Greene Scholarship Grant

This scholarship of $2,000 is awarded biennially to a student specializing in the study of photography who is currently enrolled in, or who has been accepted to, an institution of higher education. This grant is made possible through the generosity of Janie Moore Greene.

The grant application period opens September 1, 2020 and will close at 11:00pm EDT on October 30, 2020.

Eligibility criteria and grant requirements

  • Eligible applicants must specializing in the study of photography and currently be enrolled in, or having been accepted to, an institution of higher education. This includes 2-year or 4-year colleges, art/design schools or photography schools.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply.
  • Scholarship awards will be paid directly to the institution of higher education at which the student is or will be enrolled.
  • Relatives of members of the Selection Committee are ineligible for this award.
  • NEW! As a requirement of the grant, the recipient must submit a video presentation within 45 days of being notified of the award detailing his/her background in photography and outlining how the grant will impact him/her. Details of the video requirement.

Application Process

To apply, complete and submit the online application form. All applications must be submitted online. No mailed applications will be accepted. Be sure to attach all relevant materials to your online application.

NOTE: The online submission process does not allow an applicant to complete a part of the application, save his/her work, and return to complete the remainder of the application at a later date. Do not start the application form until you are prepared to submit the entry in its entirety. A PDF of the application can be downloaded to use as a guide in preparing your application. You must then type in (or copy/paste) your responses to the question in the online application when you are ready to submit a complete application.

Winners will be notified by email and will be recognized at the 2021 NANPA Nature Photography Summit and Trade Show. As a reminder, a requirement of the grant is that the recipient send NANPA Foundation a video presentationwithin 45 days of notification of the award.

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