$2000 GearWisdom Scholarship

Just like every year GearWisdom presents its scholarship program in 2020, called; “GearWisdom Scholarship”.

This scholarship program is directed towards the goal of assisting students achieve their educational goals with a free mind.

The amount offered in this scholarship program is $2000 and is meant to offset the tuition fee only for students. The scholarship will be forwarded to financial office of your institute.


Education has neither boundaries nor discrimination; that’s what we believe in. Thus we’ve kept the scholarship open for all undergraduate, graduates, post graduate and doctoral students open to apply. The only condition is that you should be pursuing a valid degree program at a verified school or college.

Write an Essay

Write a detailed essay comprising 1000-1500 words on “How Technology and Gadgets Will Shape Our Lives in the Future?”

Deadline for Submission

Your application should come with your full name, school/college name, phone number and email address. The essay should must be submitted before (or on) 25th October, 2020.

Submission Instructions

To submit your essay please email your document to scholarship@gearwisdom.com as a Word file or Google docs through your academic email (.edu in the email address). Please note that no other format, such as PDF, will be accepted for the submission.

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