Insignia SEO $1,000 Scholarship

Insignia SEO $1,000 Scholarship

Insignia SEO will be offering an annual $1,000 College Scholarship to incoming or current college and university students. The money will be dispersed in 2 increments during the Winter & Spring semester of 2020. (January 7th, 2020 & April 6th, 2020) We are currently accepting applicants for this Winter / Spring 2020 Scholarship.

*Winnings will be paid directly to the University to be used towards graduate or undergraduate tuition and/or on-campus room and board!

How To Apply

Eligible students will write an essay of 500 words or more about a creative piece of work (art, design, ad, content, and more) that has influenced their perspective on life. There should be supporting content that supports the influence that the piece of art, design, etc has had on their life.  Open to creativity and outside the box topics, which is why they leave this topic so open-ended.


  1. Enrollment or Enrolling at an Accredited Institute, College and University (They’ll disburse funds to the financial aid office directly)
  2. The essay needs to be in a Word document or PDF

Who Can Apply?

  1. Current, Full-Time Students Enrolled in an Accredited University or College in the United States
  2. Incoming Freshmen
  3. Undergraduate & Graduate Students
  4. No Age Requirement

Scholarship Deadline

December 31, 2019: You can submit your essay anytime before that date. The winner will be announced on January 4th, 2020.

Other Details

  1. Factors that will influence their decision will be Grammar, Creativity, and how you tell your personal story.
  2. The scholarship will be sent to the University, College, or Institute
  3. Can only be used towards Tuition, Books, or On-Campus Room and Board

Submit your application below, if you have any questions feel free to email them at

For more information on the scholarship click here