The 2019 Embry Law Firm $1,500 Scholarship


Interested students will submit a video discussing the following: 1. Describe something you have done in the past year that has made a difference in your community. 2. Describe the solutions you would propose to improve or resolve a current issue, such as health care, the economy, discrimination, or a current topic of your choice. In addition to being creative and well-prepared, we expect the video to be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) minutes long.


To be eligible for our scholarship contest you must be: a US resident enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program at an accredited US college or university (two or four year). Students with full academic scholarships are not eligible to enter this contest.

Proof of enrollment must be provided. We will accept digital scans of any of the following as valid proof of enrollment (which you will need to attach to your email application):

  • Unofficial transcript
  • Official enrollment verification form
  • Acceptance letter on school letterhead


We expect you to upload your video to Youtube and email the access link to before and no later than December 15, 2019. You will receive a confirmation email upon submission. Hold on to that confirmation email for your records. We will notify the winner by email or telephone before posting our winner on The Embry Law Firm’s Facebook page.

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