$500 Scholarship Offer From Amethyst Recovery Center

Amethyst Recovery Center offers extensive services to help individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. This center is all-inclusive so individuals do not have to transfer from medical detox to a rehabilitation center. Amethyst offers all of the services individuals need, so they can overcome their addiction and reclaim their lives.

Amethyst Recovery Center understands the importance of education in the lives of young people. When young people are able to pursue a higher education and make their dreams a reality, they are less likely to fall victim to addiction. Amethyst is proud to offer a $500 scholarship to students attending an accredited college or university.

Amethyst Recovery Center is offering a $500 scholarship to a college or university student who effectively demonstrates a strong aptitude for writing.

Writing skills are essential in many fields of employment, even those that do not center around communication. Those who possess superior writing skills present the professional edge that will help them to be successful in pursuing their dreams of employment.

Even if an employment position is not in the field of communication, possessing a vast vocabulary, a strong understanding of grammar, and a fluid writing ability will enable individuals to use their skills to effectively communicate through email, letters, texts, and other methods of written communication which are required in many sectors of employment.

Amethyst is passionate about helping people succeed in reaching their goals and this is why they are proud to present their scholarship offer. Keeping the importance of strong communication skills in mind, applicants for this scholarship program should submit their 1,000-word essay on the subject of How Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect Families in America.

Most people have been affected in some way by drugs and alcohol through their family or friends. This subject is one that Amethyst considers to be of utmost importance and they look forward to reading the essay submissions.

Due Date: May 31st, 2019

Amount: $500

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