Do you enjoy writing but never use your brilliant skills outside school? We have great news for all those who dream to pursue a career in writing – Aussiewritings opens its second essay contest (list of winners of the last 2017/2018 essay contest) that allows you to express your unique and beautiful thoughts!

We welcome everyone who shares the same passions we do – to show their brilliance in writing and leave every reader in awe. It doesn’t matter where you are from, how old you are or what nationality you belong to. This contest is open to everyone!

Topics to write on:

  1. The cause and effect of telling lies.
  2. Growing up in poverty and the impact it has on a person.
  3. How I would change the world.
  4. The one thing I regret.
  5. Traveling the world: how it may change a person.

Due Date: May 31st, 2019


  1. First prize – $1000
  2. Second prize – $800
  3. Third prize – $600

For full scholarship details and application, click here.