Bedroom Furniture Discounts Design Success Award Scholarship – $500

Design is integral to great furniture. From aesthetics to function, great furniture starts with great design.

With this in mind we want to provide a scholarship for the designers and architects of the future. So we have created the Bedroom Furniture Discounts Design Success Award Scholarship in the hope of supporting the industry heroes of the future.

We would like those with an interest in furniture to create a 2 minute video discussing their favorite bedroom design idea and layout and explain why it’s their choice. It’s that simple.

The video entry that you submit should be about 2 minutes long and we would like you to touch on a number of areas, including:

●      Who is your favorite designer?

●     What is your favorite piece by that designer?

●     Why this is your chosen piece?

●     How this designer has influenced design today and will into the future?

The submission that is the best will be awarded a scholarship of $500 that can be used for education.

Due Date: March 31st, 2019
Amount: $500
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