Wheelhouse Spring 2019 Scholarship

  • Description: Wheelhouse is once again proud to announce its Spring Scholarship Program for 2019! We are currently accepting applications from all undergraduate students, regardless of their area of study or socioeconomic background.


  • Eligibility: 

    In your email include:

     Your Full Name

    The University You Attend

    Your Major

    The Date You Expect to Graduate

    Your Phone Number

    Remember, each original, 700 to 1,000-word essay must be:

     unique (we do not accept essays written for other scholarships or assignments!),

    in .doc or .docx format, and

    appropriate for publication.


  • Deadline: Submit your essay and contact information by March 31st, 2019 in a .doc or .docx format to scholarships@wheelhouse.com.


  • Amount: $1,000