Photo II – Review Quiz

Multiple Choice

The subtractive primaries (the physics of light) are:
F/8 allows (half/double) the amount of light to strike the film as F/11.
You can over and under expose your film using your ISO.
Which filter is needed to eliminate reflections on glass or water?
If you want your image to have stopped movement what shutter speed could you use
What adjustment should you make to your meter reading if you are photographing a scene that is overall very light, like a snowy scene?
A 35mm camera uses what type of light meter?
What ís the enlarger exposure equivalent of f/8 for 20 seconds?
Suppose that when taking a light meter reading the closest thing to middle grey is light concrete - one stop above middle grey. A meter reading of the concrete suggests an exposure of 1/125th @ f 11.

If you used this for your exposure, it would make a negative that is:

What is the first thing to determine from your test strip when printing color negatives?