Open Studios

Open Studios

Our Interdisciplinary Arts – Art & New Media and Book & Paper cohorts run a student organization, PIT, that organizes events and goings on to help grow our creative community. Every semester PIT organizes events like Salons for students to share new projects and artwork. We also organize an Open Studios event that serves as a time to we invite students, faculty, and the public into our spaces to share our works in progress. The studio spaces were nicely renovated over the summer and now they are also home to senior BFA student studios. I love working in my studio and having a variety of artists and mediums working right next door is fascinating to watch. If you are considering graduate school figuring out what, if any, studio spaces are offered is vital. It’s a huge bonus to have my own individual space in downtown Chicago. My studio serves as not only a making space but often a meeting room, a collective dining room, and occasionally a place where I attempt to nap.


One aspect that I really appreciate about Columbia College Chicago is the small cohort size. This offers students not only more individualized interaction with faculty but also the chance to form really supportive friendships with fellow classmates. From discussions about projects to proofreading papers to grabbing margaritas after class—these are the vital functions of cohort support. As our artwork develops towards Thesis it’s exciting to be in dialogue with so many talent and diverse artists and thinkers.

This past week was our fall Open Studios, the turnout was great and it’s inspiring to see what everyone is working on. It’s a time to walk around, say hello, ask questions, connect with professors, and get feedback on works in-progress. Here’s a mini tour of my studio filled many works in progress and a glimpse into a couple of cohort members studios.

My studio is a lot like my personality, it’s pretty organized, but home to a lot of randomness. There’s a giant whoopie cushion, an Ikea hack made out of cardboard boxes, marble clocks set to nowhere, and longs of chocolate in an airtight container. As for the artwork it’s experimental. Most of the work pictured are projects I’ve been working on while learning letterpress and offset printing.

I’ve also been creating repeat patterns with my collages and then printing them on fabric. It’s a throwback to my days in textiles, but I’ve found creating and then constructing wearable hats given me necessary space when considering my work. In this photo you can see a tool apron I made for a series of live collage/improv performances I’ve been developing in my Body class.

Interdisciplinary Book and Paper MFA student Willa Goettling’s amazing drawing and book skills on display.

Interdisciplinary Art and New Media MFA Thesis Student and Graduate Ambassador, America Salomon. Here are some projection experiments and drawings as America works toward her thesis exhibition in Spring of 2018.

Interdisciplinary Art and New Media MFA student Andrew Shoemaker’s epic and amazing desk.

Interdisciplinary Book and Paper MFA Thesis Student Ian Kersetter working as Open Studios begin.

Interdisciplinary Book and Paper MFA Student Selena Ingram chats with the amazing Brad Freeman about artists books presumably.