Since the beginning of 2014, I have had the pleasure of being the ambassador for the MFA Music Composition for the Screen Program. It was a great experience communicating with prospective students, attending school events, getting to know the other ambassadors and staff, and writing this blog. I moved to LA two months ago for the semester in LA, graduated from my program after two years of study, and just recently found work assisting a Hollywood composer. My classmates and I have come a long way since starting the program in 2013. I very am excited to see what our futures hold.

The Graduating Class of 2015

Edward Barton
Sara Marie Broshofske
Faraz Emamdoust
John Hagley
Pi-Hsuan Huang
Hsin-Yu Lin
Jared Martin
Jesi Oklee Nelson
Stephen Tanksley
Logan Stahley
Kanoa Wolfe-Doblin

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Thanks for everything, I hope to have given you a good insight to the program. Lastly, I am happy to announce the new ambassador, Katrina Zemrak. Best of luck Kat, I am excited for the future of the program!