30 weeks, Blink…

30 weeks, Blink…

Liminal Songlines.com  Gisela Wendling, PHd

Liminal Songlines.com
Gisela Wendling, PHd

Year One…This school year FLEW by. I remember everything, in colorful bursting blurs. I have been smacked around in the gentlest way. The lifted moments shared the heart ache. I toasted to everything. Thirty weeks. That’s the time it taken for this stage of Creative Rehab. It’s been therapeutic in all ways. Join me as I’ve chosen to honor these 30 weeks, with a single line…

I look back on this past year completely turned around.
That which I had settled into has shifted with tiptoes through this loophole of a world called Graduate School.
Interdisciplinarity, once undefinable now cloaks itself with a mirror of life.
I meander with possibilities I’d not before considered partnering together.
I found myself unrecognizable.
Time has shifted all directions, I stand still, moving within the change.
Previous channels flow more ways than one, stopped included.
I can tell I have more to say.
Winter is real where growth happens, within dormancy and hibernation…gestation.
My step at a time requires time.
I found that those who share food generally hold gentle hearts.
Leading children is a form of creativity.
Excitement for me comes from within.
If I give, it is automatic to receive.
My intuition has been speaking, silent, but clear.
The many directions we take still lead us toward one path.
There is no reason to wait to give energy to desires.
Under distress, I’ve produced some of my best work.
I connect so deep, it’s hard to contain.
It’s not over, till it’s over…it’s not over yet.
There’s always more…
I have been brought to dance in the most unexpected ways.
I have been brought to tears in the most unexpected ways.
I have been brought to inspiration in the most unexpected ways.
I have been brought to love in the most unexpected way.
My focused energy takes energy for me to focus on.
The past is a really important place for me to start to leave for the future.
The sense home is a sacred space for me to create, no matter where I’m at.
Thankfulness has taken many, a long way.
May I be brave in my creativity!

New Internationalist Newint.org

New Internationalist

Happy Graduation to my 2014-2015 Interarts, MA cohort. I adored sharing creative space and vulnerability with you. We were blessed to have received the teachings of the beautiful spitfire spirit known as Nana Shineflug. We pressed and pulled along, beside, against, and before our eyes. Then we blinked, to arrive here. The end, but the beginning. Best of luck to my new family in creativity. Enjoy summer! And to my new interarts crew, see you in the fall!