Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

& by coffee talk, I mean where are you going to write those ground breaking poems?

After working as a manager for over a year in a coffee house, I still know very little about the culture itself. I often worry there is a correlation between this analogy and my poetry. The difference is that I love poetry and I just sort of like coffee. With that said, I also feel like I can’t write poetry without its counterpart, so I decided to give you the low-down on some coffee shops around campus.


The famous Cafecito is directly across from 33 E. Congress. This is the closest place to get fantastic authentic Cuban food and coffee! It’s great for grabbing a bite to eat between classes, or getting a quick espresso when on break. Also, I’m vegetarian, and often have trouble finding delicious vegetarian meals downtown. However, Cafecito’s proveletta sandwhich, a combination of provolone cheese, red peppers, and chimichurri sauce, is perfect for a quick lunch.

HERO Coffee Bar:

This is the unknown gem that’s just starting to get popular. A lot of people still don’t know about HERO Coffee. Tucked away behind Harold Washington Library, it is hands-down the best coffee in the vicinity, perhaps the city. Started by two friends that love coffee, you can feel the passion and care put into the store as soon as you walk in. Slow drip coffee and no extra charge for non-dairy drinks! This is a super friendly atmosphere, and I can’t tell enough people about it!

Dollop Coffee:

Located right off the Harold Washington station, Dollop is a blend of Metropolis Coffee, Hoosier Mama Pies, and Fritz Pastries. Dollop creates a fun atmosphere to meet up with friends, or grab a quick coffee on the way to class.


If you have ever been to Chicago, or are on your way, you will definitely hear the words Intelligentsia Coffee. A little farther away from campus, right off the Jackson blue line, you’ll find an Intelligentsia beneath the Monadnock building. Employees wear classic hipster apparel with bow ties and suspenders. You’ll also find a classic barber, shoe repair, and classic hat shop located in the building. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

But when I’m not downtown, my favorite coffee shop in the city is
Metropolis Coffee:
This is my writer’s concave, my morning retreat, and, three hours later, my afternoon study space. Metropolis is often rated the top coffee house in the city, and for good reason. Employees are kind and enjoy talking with customers, and the space is huge with large and small tables, creating a blend of friendly meetings and students studying. The big kicker for me is the proximity of Metropolis to the lake. Located in Edgewater, and about a block over from the beach, I always stop by to write a poem and take some footage.