Good and Cheesies

Good and Cheesies

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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. This is a great time to explore the city and try new things. I recently had the opportunity to go into the city and try some tasty food at Cheesies.

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Why go to Cheesies? A few blogs ago I mentioned that I was very cynical about buying sandwiches from their food truck.  Food trucks occasionally stop by campus selling hungry college students everything from cupcakes to tamales. After my very skeptical blog post, the good people at Cheesies reached out and said if I was willing to come and try a sandwich, they would give me the first one for free. Being a blogging Graduate Student Ambassador definitely has its perks! I could not say no to that offer. I decided to take my nephew and make a day of it. (You may have seen him in some of my films.)

We took the El from the suburbs. There were only two negatives from the ride. There was some person humming way too loud and totally off key. I couldn’t tune them out. Also, when we changed trains, I was forced to see that awful Trump sign. It’s more like the #chumptower than Trump tower. Anyone? I digress.

Cheesies was steps away from the Belmont El stop in the Lakeview neighborhood. When I went inside I still had not made up my mind and was a little overwhelmed by the choices. As I was thinking, a huge line formed behind me. These people love their grilled cheese sandwiches.

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I ordered The Original for my nephew and The Classic for myself. The staff was very polite and helpful. Then, when the food came, we dove in. I thought they were really tasty and my nephew gobbled his down right away.

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It ended up being a great day, with good food, and terrific service. I have to say I was being a bit cynical and judged the Cheesies Truck too quickly. Hopefully next time they come around campus I’ll have a few dollars in my pocket to be able to grab a sandwich.