The 30-Day Goddess Challenge

The 30-Day Goddess Challenge

Interdisciplinary Arts, MA Marie Cisco Photo by: Lost in Print

Interdisciplinary Arts, MA
Marie Cisco
Photo by: Lost in Print

What does it mean to be a Goddess?

Can any woman be born or become a Goddess?

What does it take/What qualities are necessary for Goddesses?

These are all question I have been a tackling as I continue to work and develop my body of work surrounding the theme of Goddesses in the Modern World. In order to completely understand the concept and ideology of the Goddess, I must immerse myself in the world, life, and body of Goddesses.What I do know is that Goddesses come from many different ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, and have different views of the world. With this knowledge in mind, I came to the conclusion that in order to truly understand basic qualities that all Goddesses posses I could not just search for these things within myself, I would have to involve several women from many backgrounds.

From this grew the idea for a “30-Day Goddess Challenge.” For this challenge, I will choose 8-10 women from different ages, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds. I will assign them all, including myself, a challenge that will build and transform over the 30-days in the hopes of discovering how to cultivate the Goddess within. The challenge will include making changes in ones daily life that are rooted in health, sculpting ideal beauty, and spiritual wellness. Most of this challenge will be focused on honoring and recognizing the individual Goddess. But, at least twice during the challenge I would like to bring all 8-10 women in the same room to share their experiences and any challenges/triumphs they are encountering. This will also be a place to offer encouragement and/or seek support.

Many of the goals for this challenge will be simple tasks, but those simple tasks will be paired with ones that should force all involved to really ask questions about themselves and the role(s) they play within their own lives and society as a whole.

As I craft the challenge and choose the individuals to participate, I can only ask that the favor of the Goddesses be with me!