Thesis Update

Thesis Update

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Today, I thought I’d update my readers on my thesis.

I’m 150 pages in or so, and I was a bit stuck recently. I just wasn’t feeling motivated, so I was writing other stuff. I decided to go back through my notes I took while in San Francisco. This really helped, and this week, I’ve been on a roll writing. Of course, I have to find the time to do it. It can seem daunting when you’re working three part-time jobs to make ends meet!

I’ve been writing some scenes between the larger scenes at this point. I won’t call them “filler,” as they are important to the overall narrative, but I’m getting my characters to the important moments and I am finding ways to make these scenes as entertaining, informative, and character-building as possible. I’m waiting to hear back from my advisor to talk about the pages I turned into her recently, but I’m still pushing forward.

Right now, the characters are basically exploring San Francisco in the manner in which I explored it, but for entirely different motivations. When I was there, I tried to look at the city from the lens of my main character, and my notes from this trip actually reflect that. They are fun to read, because there are my ideas and the ideas of my character.

Aside from that, I have been just work, work, working and doing a few fun things. I did the Polar Bear Plunge recently, raising over $700 for the Special Olympics, and my team of 15 raised over $10,000. I should get back to writing, but it was nice catching up!

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