A New Literary Journal!

A New Literary Journal!

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MarginAliens! I am super excited to present to you the FIRST ISSUE OF 3ELEMENTS REVIEW! This is a labor of love from myself, my great friend/Editor-in-chief Mikaela Shea, my new friend CJ  Matthews, and the always amazing Marlon Fowler.Conceived as an online-only journal (for now), the journal started from a case of writer’s block that Mikaela had a few years ago. Her boyfriend Marlon (our designer) challenged her to write a story using three elements that he chose. She ended up with a great story out of it and a new writing prompt. During grad school, she thought this could make for a cool concept for a journal, and after they put in the ground work, I joined as a founding editor.

We asked writers to submit poetry, fiction, and artwork that included the three elements for the first issue (each issue, there are three new elements). They were “procession,” “tandem bicycle,” and “ache.” We expected some good work, but we were blown away by the submissions. There is some truly stellar work in this issue, and Marlon made a beautifully designed magazine. (Note: The artwork only has to have one of the three elements.)

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We released the first issue on Halloween. As we had worked our butts off the weeks before and lost sleep to make this issue, I appropriately was made into a zombie by the makeup artist that came into my place of work. I think she did a great job. But, the work doesn’t stop! Check the link above and submit to our newest issue. And, now, we even accept Nonfiction!

So, MarginAliens, will you submit? Oh, also, I found the Stanley Cup right after, so I leave you with the following photo. Toodles.

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