Midterms and Thesis

Midterms and Thesis

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This semester is going by really really fast. On one hand, that’s a good thing, a great thing! I’m graduating with an MA in journalism in less than two months.

But there’s thesis.

Have I written a post about thesis yet? I feel like it’s a requirement.See, I’ve been really distracted by my midterms. I love every class this semester, and I love my thesis project. But you can’t put off midterms. (Technically you can’t put off thesis either).

Here’s my project for Digital Storytelling 2:

AND part of my midterm for International Reporting:

So those are my midterms. You can see why I’ve been busy (have I mentioned I work three part time jobs?) Although, let’s be honest: this is the life of a grad student, and I love it. No complaints here, at least tonight.

But back to thesis…I’ve lined up and had some great interviews for thesis, but nothing close to a finished product, and have I mentioned it’s technically due Nov. 12?

That’s about a week and a half away!

One of the coolest things I’ve done for thesis is go to the 7th oldest house in Chicago. It’s in Austin and a white civil rights lawyer lives there with his wife. And boy does he have stories.