The Latest Batch | Part Two

The Latest Batch | Part Two

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Last time around, I introduced the first half of the latest batch of Columbia’s graduate producers. Picking a film that somehow represents some part of them, now we travel further afield to meet the rest;

#6 YIDI LI | Beijing, China

Film: Dancer in the Dark

“Dancer in the Dark is the kind of movie I would like to produce. I love dramas with themes about love, hope, trust, humanity, suffering. I will always keep hope, no matter how life will be. I find the music and dancing scenes stronger that the dialogue.”


Film: American Gangster

“To me, this film is all about being a risk taker. There is no greater honor than to be able to look back at my life fifty years from now and say, I was a risk taker and lived my life to the fullest. As filmmakers, we are not going to be successful by sitting in our rooms afraid to open the door.”

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#8 PRAJAKTA SAPATA | Mumbai, India

Film: Swades

“The movie talks about how non-resident Indians never return to India which is where they are needed the most. It is special for me because I have moved to Chicago and I am already learning new and culturally different things. Also, at some point I too want to go back to India and make movies there. As a responsible youth I have realized that my country needs me.”

#9 LATOYA JONES | Chicago, IL

Film: Dirty Dancing

“The film focuses on how a young girl is shaped during a summer vacation through a relationship that was sort of forbidden. I identify with the stance that the main character has throughout the movie even if it means going against society’s standards of how things should be.”

#10 ARI SERAP | Las Vegas, NV

Film: The Lion King

“Best movie ever in my opinion. The Lion King taught me early on as a child about overcoming obstacles and facing your fears, it also made me laugh, smile and cry. These are the kind of films that I’m interested in producing.”

From throughout the states, and as far afield as India and China, these new producers, from near and far, now join the ranks of Columbia’s graduate producers that also include candidates from South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Bulgaria and Ireland. Welcome to the United Nations of Columbia!