On my way to orientation

On my way to orientation

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As I write, I’m in a Honda dealer’s lounge, waiting for my 2005 Civic’s oil to be changed in preparation for the 2,000 mile trip ahead to Chicago. Saturday is orientation and I’m looking forward to seeing all the incoming students for the Music Composition for the Screen MFA. Before we start the school year, let me share what I’ve done to wrap up the break.

I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed the break. Who doesn’t love a good summer vacation? In the beginning of August, we enjoyed a wonderful family vacation at a resort in Mexico (Barceló Maya) with my brothers, sister, and parents. It was pure bliss being there and enjoying the buffets, restaurants, cities, beaches, and pools. If you are ever needing a break away from the day-to-day, I suggest this excellent resort.

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We have also had a great time this last week doing some camping up at Kelly’s Canyon in Idaho. We were bombarded by bees in our first location (there must have been a hive close by) and I killed seven or eight of them in the first hour as we were trying to eat lunch. We moved to a new spot and it was beautiful. Our trip included some hiking and bike riding, and playing cards. It was a great time to spend together.

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Lastly, let me tell you about our first apartment in Chicago. We recently found out from some friends there that it met its fate. We got a total steal of an apartment at $1,000/mo right at Chicago and State. It was so close to the red line and a great apartment. Unfortunately, we had to move out because the school across the street (Loyola) purchased the land and the building. And here is all the remains of our first memories in Chicago:

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Fortunately, we have found a great place close to MFA student, Brittany Dunton’s, apartment. It’s a little further away, but we are looking forward to the change of pace. It’s close to the lake, which will be awesome, and it’s quite a bit bigger and newer than the last place. We’re crossing our fingers.

Well, that’s about it. My next blog will be all about orientation and the beginning of the school year. But for now, here’s some dirt to help your week go a little better.

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