Moving is the worst

Moving is the worst

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The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of looking for places to live, working, hanging out with friends, submitting, and writing, among other things. Our lease was up at our Lincoln Square place a few days after graduation, so Em and Elliot took off for Seattle. Originally they were supposed to take our dog, Indie, but we couldn’t find her travel papers so I took her. My good friend Tara (fellow MFA graduate) and her roommates let me crash on their couch while I worked and looked for a new apartment.

Looking for places sucked.

I mean really. I had a good time hanging with my friends, but looking for places was THE WORST. THE WORST. THE WORST. I kept finding great places only to not get them.  I’d call people and set up appointments only to find out the apartments had been rented right when I was about to leave.  Once the agent said, “Yeah this is a two bedroom” and I walked thirty minutes to get to where it was in Humboldt Park only to find out that it was a one-bedroom (oh, and the agent was 30 minutes late). Then I found out that it didn’t matter anyway, because the place didn’t take dogs.

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I finally found a place in Wicker Park that was weird and cheap and in a great location. It is also privately owned (which was what we wanted). So I fought for the place and got it. Em and Elliot just flew back from Seattle–without seeing the place–and after a trip to Ikea, some thrifting, and some painting, we’re starting to get settled in.

Other than moving, I’ve been doing a lot of writing. I started collaborating with a friend on a new project and I’ve attended a few poetry readings. I’ve also been eating a lot of good vegan/vegetarian food. Seriously, Wicker Park is the best place for us.

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My goal for this summer, in terms of poetry and whatnot, is: to work on one individual project (research and writing); to work on my collaborations as they demand it; and to go to a lot of summer poetry readings. We’ll see how that goes. I usually make a list of all the books I’m going to read every summer, but whenever I do that I don’t actually read at all. So this summer I won’t jinx it. I’m just reading whenever I get the chance.  I’ve read over ten books of poems in the last two weeks. That’s a good start. I just have to keep it up.

Till next time.