Summer Happenings

Summer Happenings

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It is Summer and I have lots to look forward to as I prepare for another year at Columbia College Chicago in the Music Composition for the Screen program.

Our apartment is in a pretty dismal shape right now as we are getting ready to move out of state tomorrow. I am going to Utah to finish an internship that I began in my last few weeks of winter semester. It’s with a great animation studio called Sandman Studios. They have some exciting things coming up and they have liked working with me so far, so I am excited to continue with them and be closer to the action.

So tomorrow is the big day where we begin the trek across the country. But firs,t I had to say bye to some of my good friends from the program. I just got back from a party with a few of them and last night, Heather and I went out for ice cream (chocolate shakes at Potbelly’s are delicious) with Brittany Dunton (who is in the program) and her boyfriend, Louie. It was great to catch up on the past few weeks since we haven’t seen each other. It turns out that Brittany will be teaching piano lessons, staying here for the summer with Louie, who works here too. They were so sweet to grab a birthday gift for Olivia, who is turning one in a few days.

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We are moving away, so we cheated and already had a birthday party for her.

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In other news, President Obama is staying about half a mile away from us tonight in a nice home by the river. I don’t care what political affiliation you are, it’s cool to be close to someone so important. There are lots of security and cameras. I hope he has a good stay.

Also, the video I scored for Columbia is now live on their website. Check it out here!