Summertime happenings


Yes! My first year is done. The smoke has cleared. I’ve survived. Now the weather is warm and I have some time to enjoy it. I love Chicago summers. Experiencing Chicago in the summer really helped me to fall in love with this city. There is so much to do and a community of people as excited to explore and enjoy Chicago as you. When I first visited Chicago to check it out, I ended up living with a community of artists and activists that were always doing something interesting. They were always having rooftop parties or meals together.  They were making dandelion wine, and enjoying free concerts in the park (which happen almost every day in the summer).

Since then summers have remained the highlight of my Chicago seasonal experience. Here is a list of some of my favorite things to do during the summer.

1. Sit and stare at Lake Michigan: yes it may seem boring but after months of being cooped up inside, nothing is as relaxing to me as taking a nap by the lake, feeling the sun and listening to the sound of the water.


2. Grant Park Music Festival: from June to August there are a number of free shows each week that you can go see at Pritzker Pavilion. Last year I got to see Pendereski conduct his own symphony. Glen Hansard of The Frames will be playing a free show on June 10th this year.


3. Neighborhood festivals: each neighborhood takes over one of their main streets and puts on a free festival. I’ve always enjoyed Wicker Park Fest, and Logan Square Art and Music Festival.

4. Movies in the park: free movies are screened in parks throughout Chicago. When I first moved to Chicago my friend Les and I went to see Duck Soup in Grant Park. Hundreds of people showed up because apparently they were trying to win The Guinness Book of World Records for most people wearing Groucho Marx masks in the same place.


There is so much more to do here in the summer, and I haven’t even mentioned Taste of Chicago, Blues Fest, Jazz Fest, Chicago Summer Dance, etc., but this should just give you a little taste of all the great stuff going on this summer.