Spring break?

Spring break?

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In all the years I went to college off and on, I never indulged in spring break. This year, my first in grad school, I made plans to see my sister in Texas. She just had a baby last month. I expected to have to do some work—I mean, it is grad school.

But I was not prepared for the amount.

I think I have things under control though. After all, I’m only here for four days. Reading is the easy part because it can be done on the plane. The hard part is this other tedious project that I can’t really explain right now. It requires the Internet and time. A lot of time.

Following the Supreme Court (another assignment) is easy too, because I can’t separate myself from current events and news. It’s just part of who I am now. Not to mention, the justices are hearing arguments on same-sex marriage, a pet issue of mine. I have already written an op ed on the issue, so I feel like I don’t have to be so veiled in objectivity when it comes to sharing my opinion on it.

Anyway, Texas is a disappointment weather-wise. I thought it would be hot, but the warmest it’s been so far is high 50s. And today was so windy, I felt like I was back in Chicago. Wind is on my Top Three Worst Things Ever list.

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But I can’t complain. It’s been really sunny, and I’ve gotten to spend time with my little sister and her adorable family. We did newspaper nails, which I’ve been meaning to get to for a while, and dyed my hair brown (even though it didn’t actually work—still blond).

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I’m already sad to leave in a few days, but a part of me is eager to be getting back to routine and feeling more in control of all this work! I also start a new internship at WBEZ when I get back, which is a dream come true.