The Final Step: The Movement Interview

MOVED Concert Photo by Katie Collins

MOVED Concert Photo by Katie Collins

Wow!  I cannot believe it has been a year since my movement interview.  Time is already beginning to fly! By this point in the application process, you have heard back about whether you have been invited to the movement interview, which will be held on March 9th.

I remember the day my invitation arrived.  I was a combination of excited, nervous, anxious, and also quite curious.  Reflecting on my initial feelings after receiving my movement interview invitation, I felt it would be helpful to post about the movement interview process itself.

First, I would like to save you from an anxious couple of weeks by assuring you that the movement interview is not meant to be a nerve-wracking or stressful experience at all!  This is easier said than done (I know from experience—my heart was beating out of my chest), but the faculty does a great job of easing your nerves.  After a few minutes of warming up, I was able to relax and just enjoy the process.  In fact, to this day it still remains one of my most fond memories since joining the program.  It is also important to remember that the movement portion of this process is not testing your technical abilities in terms of how high you can leap.  The faculty is surveying how comfortable you are moving in your own body and your improvisational interactions with one another.  That being said, it is important to show your true self, both as a mover and during the verbal interview.  The faculty is looking to learn as much as possible about you as a mover, student, and person, so don’t be afraid to be yourself or speak to the qualities that you know would make you a strong candidate for the program!

Which leads me to my next point: the movement interview is a great time to determine whether or not Columbia feels like the right school for you.  You have the opportunity to talk as well as move with faculty, take a tour of the facilities, and determine your feelings about Chicago.  This is also your chance to ask questions, especially during the one-on-one interview with a Columbia faculty member. Also, embrace this opportunity to meet other prospective students.  After all, it is possible they could end up being your classmates.

Last but certainly not least, remember to enjoy the experience! Also, if you are in town the Friday before the interview, you can catch the Annual Alumni Concert at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse at 7:00pm!  You can also observe a dance class with current DMTC students and the Stephen Petronio Dance Company, as well as attend a performance by Stephen Petronio Dance Company the following evening.  Please note that your attendance at these events is not mandatory nor will it influence your acceptance into the program.

Good Luck!