I Swear I’m Not Gonna Cry

I Swear I’m Not Gonna Cry

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So school is kicking, and this semester seems like it’s gonna be pretty cool. Film & Poetry is already really cool, and Illustrated Victorian Lit is hella interesting.

Thesis hours started off quick, and we are digging in. It’s good to know that Tony, my thesis advisor, seems pretty agreeable about what the book should be and how I’m approaching it. I’m also really excited to read everyone else’s thesis and the projects they start afterwards.

The thing is, I’m ready to be done with school. I mean my classes are great, and my cohort and professors are incredible, but I’m just ready to be working and settled. So, I’m really putting a lot of my effort into the job hunt, which is basically like another class of research, reading, writing, and revising. Good times.

I can see the end of this, and part if me is sad because many of my closest friends I won’t see outside AWP and other conferences, and some not at all. I know that some of us (you know who you are) will remain close and in contact for a long time. But here’s the thing: that other part of me knows that it’s time for me to get out, find a job, and focus on my family and career. And my wife wants to finish college, so just having one job and no school will be a good way to make sure that happens.