And We’re Off!

And We’re Off!

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After weeks of doing nothing but tanning on beaches in Hawaii (not really), it comes time to start the new semester with new classes, new jobs, and new obstacles to time management. My time has filled up so quickly.

Last Monday, I had my first Media Performance class with Jenny Magnus.  It was fantastic! I think this is going to be a really important class for me this semester. I’ve been spending so much time at the computer that I’ve started to feel disconnected from my body. It will be good to feel connected again.

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After Media Performance, we had our first Interdisciplinary Arts Salon of the semester. It was great. For this salon, we invited three Interdisciplinary Arts alumni to talk about what they have been up to since they were in the program. It was super encouraging to see all the awesome stuff each of them had been up to. They are all still very active in the Chicago art scene. Seeing there successes made me feel like there can be hope for me after graduation.

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Last Tuesday, I had my first Public Art class and Art and Science Collaboration class. Both of them were fantastic. Also, it was 61 degrees out that day. Yup…

On Wednesday, I began working again at the equipment center. It was good to be back surrounded by all that wonderful equipment. In the afternoon, I had Art as Practice with Jeff Abell. The class is focused on developing professional practices. Really looking forward to taking another class with Jeff.

Tonight is my first night as G.A. for the class Space and Place. In this class, students investigate the integration of media elements into physical, sculptural, and environmental artworks.

The semester has definitely taken off with a bang. I’m going to need to pace myself, plan ahead, and work hard. Hopefully, those books on organizational strategies I was reading during break will pay off.