First Semester Complete!

First Semester Complete!

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I have officially finished my first semester in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Media MFA program. Woohoo! It was a challenging semester but I learned a ton.

This semester, I had a ton of information thrown at me. I learned about digital audio editing, field recording, and different methods of excavating sound from the natural world. I learned a variety of digital image capturing strategies, video editing and output technologies, and conceptual considerations regarding digital image excavation. I learned three programming languages and explored their use for creative outcomes. I explored the use of projected light and software controlled lighting displays.

I really enjoyed all of the experimentation and exploration that was build into the curriculum this semester. The classes were great, but the real highlight of the semester was beginning to build and get to know this amazing community of artists. It is tremendously refreshing to be around such a variety of creative individuals. I have been challenged by their work and encouraged to work harder and make better work myself. What a tremendous gift.

Now the semester is over, and it’s time to start planning for the next one. I’m looking forward to this little break in between semesters to get some creative projects done. I’m super excited for my classes next semester:

• Public Art, with Annette Barbette

• Art and Science Collaborations, with Tiffany Funk

• Media Performance, with Jenny Magnus

• Art as Practice, with Jeff Abell

These are all amazing professors, and the classes sound great, as well.

This first semester was very much about exploring new technologies and theories in New Media. That was great, but now it’s time to kick my butt in gear and start making some stellar art. Yesterday, I started mind mapping some ideas for my creative projects. In the next few days, I will put together a creative calendar to set deadlines for myself. I’m excited for this next year.

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