Debriefing the Road Trip & Getting Back to It

Debriefing the Road Trip & Getting Back to It

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Hey everyone! Obviously, we’ve been back to normal Grad School Life for a bit now, even though I’ve been blogging about the road trip for weeks—it’s felt like forever since we embarked on the road trip/mini tour. It was a blast, and I can’t wait to do it again. The best part about being on the road is the people (old friends you get to see and the new people you meet, as well as the people you share the car with). Jacob and Sarah made this trip what it was. Thank you guys! It wouldn’t’ve been the same without you.

Things we learned?

• Tolls make huge divots in wallets.

• It’s OK to get lost.

• Leave Chicago an hour earlier than you planned.

• Always take the time to charge your iPhones.

• Eat where people recommend.

• Never say no to free stuff.

• Have lots of snacks in the car.

• Bring extra cash AND change.

• It’s hard to sleep most of the times you need to.

• Practice reading before reading.

• Make friends…for next time.

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NOW. Moving on…this semester has chugged by, and there’s so much going on. Classes are great: Thesis Development, Documentary & Poetry, and Black Mountain Poets. The discussions really make them what they are. Aside from class work and job stuff, there’s still a lot going. What follows are ten things I thought you might want to know…to settle us back into NOT talking about the road trip.

1. My thesis “feels” done. As in, I’ve written everything I (think) I need, and now I’m just waiting to start working with my adviser to begin revising, ordering, cutting…yes!

2. I’m reading for the 33 Reading Series on November 15th (3:45pm, 33 E. Congress, Room 404) with Sarah Tarkany and Meg Forajter from the Creative Writing – Poetry MFA program and Louise LeBourgeois from the Creative Writing – Nonfiction MFA program.

3. My dog’s anxiety is getting better.

4. My son said, “I eat with mom and dad” the other night.

5. The Graduate Open House is over and was kind of a blast. Next up, the other Graduate Student Ambassadors and I will be fielding questions at the Graduate Preview Day on Saturday, November 17th.

6. I’ve started working on some new projects. One involves the independent filmmaker John Cassavetes, and the other…I don’t know what it is yet.

7. I’m proofing my forthcoming collaborative collection of poems (with Chas Hoppe) and approving the artwork.

8. My fellow thesis development poets are KILLING IT. Their manuscripts are so good!

9. Dr. Who is amazing!

10. I finally feel like I’m swimming with my head above water. You know, I’m finally caught up. And though there’s still a lot to do and a lot going on, I don’t feel like I’m chasing anything.

So, that’s what going on with me (or some of it). What’s going with you and what should I blog about next? Manuscripts? Neighborhoods? The Film, Looper?  Poets? Classes? Other Classmates? Publications and whatnot? Any ideas?