So Long, Farewell, Aufweidersehen, I’m Graduated—Goodbye!

Trying to put on my graduation robe! Don't worry, I was able to figure it out. Picture taken by Ashleigh Moyer.

I can’t believe this is my last blog post as a Graduate Ambassador.  I have moved on from an Ambassador to a full-fledged, employed alumni.  Since graduation in May, I have been actively looking for a job and have found a position as a Sales Associate training to become an Account Executive at Chicago’s Finest Rock station, WXRT, which is owned by CBS Radio.

It has been difficult finding a position, but my dedication and commitment to finding a job has paid off.  I am eager to dive into my new role and meet my fellow colleagues.  I am honored to be part of a team that places such value on content.  When I moved to Chicago, XRT quickly became my number one preset radio station.  As a music fan and avid concert attendee, I am eager to be part of a station that plays great music and is known for sponsoring the RADDEST shows in town.

XRT Bud Light Passion Pit Party. Picture obtained from  You can always count on XRT for great music and shows!

I came to Columbia College Chicago looking to learn more about the music industry, acquire a strong business acumen, build my network, challenge myself academically, and become a more attractive candidate for arts and entertainment related positions.  I can say that I have come out on top on all accounts.

When it comes to making a decision on whether or not to attend graduate school — the answer will be different for every person.  Making the commitment to go back to school is difficult — academically, emotionally, and financially.  In my personal opinion, the most important factor in making your decision is passion.  You have to ask yourself whether or not you are passionate about what this program offers. For me, the answer was yes.

I wish the incoming AEMM graduate students the best of luck. For the second year students: don’t give up — you are almost done!  I can say I will miss graduate school, but I could not be more ready to start working!  Wish me luck.

Sound of Music's Von Trapp Children singing "So Long, Farewell." Picture obtained by