One Way to Beat the Heat

Lemon Sorbet and Iced Tea

I thought I would give some instructions on one of the best drinks possible to make; the Arnold Palmer Slushy. It takes a little time, and a lot of love, but it is worth it.Step One: Making some Lemon Sorbet

Well, it’s really more like Italian Ice than Sorbet, but it is pretty easy. I just like to go and buy a bottle of Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade. Right now at Whole Foods, they are 4 for $5. They are not quite lemony enough for me, so I like to add the juice of two lemons to the bottle. Then I dump the entire bottle into my Krups Ice Cream maker and let it churn for about 20 minutes. It doesn’t quite freeze all the way, but that’s okay. Remove the slush from the ice cream maker and put it in a container in the freezer.


Step Two: The Iced Tea

The best way to make iced tea is from real leaves. None of this teabag iced tea. There are many types of leaves to choose from, but our favorite is from a small shop in St. Paul called Tea Source. They have a really wide selection, online ordering, and cheap prices. We have about 20 different varieties, but the best for iced tea is Tea Sources Classic Iced Tea, a really mild Nilgiri black tea.

Pour in the concentrate

There are two ways it can be made. The first is to dump about two handfuls into a gallon of water in a container and leave in the sun all day, then strain out the leaves. The second, quicker, and my preferred way, is to make a concentrate and water it down. To do this, I put about two handfuls into a French press coffee maker. Then I fill it to the top with boiling water and leave for two minutes. While waiting, I fill our large plastic container with cool water (you don’t want to dump boiling water into a plastic container no matter how safe they say the plastic is). Then I dump the concentrate into the container and top off with water until I like the taste.

Shaved Lemon Ice

Step Three: Time to Combine

Take the lemon ice out of the freezer. It should be one solid block. Take a hard metal spoon and shave the ice so that it is fluffy and white. Fill a 12oz glass with this fluffy ice. When the glass is full, pour the iced tea over the lemon ice until the glass is full. Give it a minute for a little of the lemon to melt and to cool down the tea. Then enjoy.

Pouring the Iced Tea in

It may take a while, but at least once the two parts are made up, you can enjoy multiple drinks. Alcohol could also easily be added. Rum in particular.