Laurel Nakadate

Laurel Nakadate Lecture

Once again, I find myself writing about the visiting artist lecture series. If you haven’t read the posts about it before, the visiting artist lecture series is organized by Dawoud Bey. He invites three artists per semester to give a lecture about their work. In addition to giving a lecture about their work, the artists also come into our graduate seminar and critique the work of 5 of the graduate students.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture. I have been looking at her work for a while now. While her work looks nothing like what I do, much of our concerns are the same, which made the lecture extremely interesting for me. And while I have been following our work for a while, I have never had the chance to hear her talk.

Nakadate critiquing work

On Friday morning, Laurel came in to critique. There were six of us that were ready to have our work critiqued. I was lucky enough to be one of them. The crits were quite interesting, and it is always nice to hear the thoughts about your work from a successful artists. Laurel was very smart in her analysis of the work. I found her thoughts about my work very insightful and was able to talk to her more about it privately after the critique. It was FANTASTIC!