Picnic Magazine – Mexico


I am always happy when my work gets into a publication. Getting work published in magazines is probably the number one way that I get shows. Usually curators of shows that I am in have seen my work in a publication at some point before the show opens.

Asger Carlsen

Art publications are great. While they usually do not pay artists to include images, they are usually looked at by people that are involved in the arts communities. Therefore, they can actually be more beneficial to the artists then a major general interest publication that might pay for an image.Also, publications that deal specifically with art as their theme are much more open to receiving work from young artists. While a photo editor from TIME or The Guardian might not be willing to look at a submission that was sent to them, art publications usually love to get submissions. Many of them work around a theme, so you never know when or where your work might fit in. Usually they list an address where you can send work and, while it might take a while, it usually gets looked at by someone.

Cengiz Tekin

Back in November I was asked to be part of an art publication out of Mexico called Picnic. They focus on a variety of different art forms that all revolve around a central theme. Some of the past artists that have been included are: Roger Ballen (he was here in the fall) Gerhard Richter, Pieter Hugo, Jeff Wall, Loretta Lux, Erwin Olaf, and the Starn Twins. On a side note, if you are applying to Columbia and don’t know some of those artists, be sure to look them up.

Evan Baden

For this issue of Picnic, the theme was Hedonism, and they invited Mexican photographer Fernando Montiel Klint to curate the photography section. I was asked for the use of 5 images from my Technically Intimate series. The issue was released in December, and I just received my copies of the issue. It is always exciting to see your work in print, especially when it is with a publication that takes the time to make sure that the work looks good.

Luis Gonzalez Palma