Spooky season = FrankenToys

FrankenToys at the library

Ever wonder what it would be like to be Dr. Frankenstein, a creator of creatures of the night, monsters, horrors, and terrors? Well guess what, now is your chance!  

stuffed animals

On Wednesday October 25th from 2pm to 7pm on the fourth floor, Columbia College Chicago Library will be hosting FrankenToys, a time for spooky creations only you can think of! Teddy bear with octopus tentacles and doll feet as ears? Totally possible. A unicorn with thirteen eyeballs and an arm for a horn? Why not? Let your creepy imagination run wild and come ready to cut, glue, tear, and reattach the limbs and faces of your new fluffy friends.

All necessary materials, including toys, glue, and scissors, will be supplied for your experiments and enjoyment, so come join us for some free, scary fun! 

And while you wait for your creation to come alive, register to vote and make patches with Columbia Votes!