New Library Resource: Statista

Statista: A one-stop shop for quick and reliable data

When it comes to starting any project or paper that requires strong background research to support it, data and statistical research can easily become the backbone of a well-thought out topic. The only problem is finding that data.That’s where Statista comes into play. 

Statista provides a wide-scope of consumer data on any topic ranging from more popular topics like Amazon to data on the United Kingdom. With the click of a button, you have access to hundreds of visuals, reports, slideshows and outlooks on a range of industries.

When looking at a specific industry or company, a slew of information can be found from a general overview, company users and consumers, and sales. 

Within this database, Statista has provided news archives and expert research that is simply condensed for easier understanding. At the same time, dossiers can be found under the “Reports” tab on the top for an in-depth look at trends within specific industries and countries. 

When looking at different markets, you can discover what’s happening across more than 150 countries in consumer, digital and mobility markets. 

Provided through their “Outlooks” tab, consumer market outlooks and data on sales, revenue and prices can be found. Also, if you want to spice up your presentation or project, this database has free infographics that you can simply download onto your own device for use. 

Statista is a trusted resource to many large media outlets, such as Forbes and Newsweek for their current and timely background research. With the background knowledge this database can provide, your professors are sure to be impressed with what you pull together with Statista’s analytical help. 

All this can be found on the Columbia College Chicago Library website under “Databases” or at this link:
You can access Statista directly through this link:

By: Kamy Smelser