Community Ofrenda & Codex Express Yourself: Fall 2021

We welcome you to view these artist books, “one of a kind” codex-inspired creations in the entrance area of CCC Library.

Columbia College Chicago students display their one-of-a-kind books inspired by their learnt knowledge of Maya/Mexica codex literature. These artistic creations are examples of what resulted from the HHSS course, “LATIN AMERICAN ART, LITERATURE AND MUSIC” instructed by Jesus Macarena-Avila.

Alongside student’s projects will be a small community “ofrenda” inspired by the Mexican holiday, “Dias de los Muertos”. This inspired “ofrenda” is to remember past singers, with a special dedication to the late Jesus Chuy Negrete (1948-2021). Negrete, who sang corridos (Mexican historic ballads) in the past at the CCC events, see here:

Please view this 7 min. video tribute to Negrete by legendary New Mexican Chicana advocate, Linda Ramirez (who has contributed to the historic book: “500 Years of Chicano History” by Dr. Elizabeth Martinez). Ramirez’s video was done (and produced by Albuquerque-based educator, Petra Gonzales) for CCC students enrolled for the HUMA121 course, click here:

October 4 – November 29, 2021

Library Entrance at Columbia College Chicago (CCC)
624 S. Michigan Ave., 1st floor
Chicago, IL 60605-1996

Courtesy of HHSS and Library Departments with the students enrolled in the HUMA 121 course: “LATIN AMERICAN ART, LITERATURE AND MUSIC. This course-related event’s social media sponsor is Illinois Latino Voice and poster design by Iniguez Design Studio. A special thank you to Rita Rousseau-Negrete: and Janet Harper!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this October-November event will be photo-documented to be featured in an upcoming edition of Illinois Latino Voice plus a class virtual ofrenda: