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Bookslut has reviews, interviews, essays, news, and lots of opinions—all about books! A new issue comes out each month, and the blog is updated daily.

Dedicated to spreading the word on quality fiction, Fiction Writers Review is a great place to check out craft based reviews on forthcoming publications, as well as essays, interviews, and a blog featuring the “Book of the Week.”

Who’s spreading the rumor that book reviews are dying? Thankfully, the editors at BookForum didn’t get the memo. Long-form critical analysis and comment is published (daily) by this print and online oasis.

Late Night Library has only been around since 2011, but their content is jammed packed with book reviews, podcasts, interviews, weekly debut author spotlights and more!

BookFox features reviews of new literary titles, with a particular focus on short story collections and books published by small presses.

A haven for books of all kinds, ForeWord Reviews has well crafted reviews on books of every shape and style. Have a finished novel? Submit your manuscript to them, and you could have the chance to win their Book of the Year Award.

The Millions has a dozen contributors hailing from all over North America. Content here is wide and varied. Originally a book review site, it now includes features like “The Future of the Book” and “Books as Objects” that stir up fresh online conversations daily.

The Reading Copy Book Blog is written by the staff of AbeBooks, “an online marketplace for books.” The content is quirky and almost frighteningly up-to-date with happenings in the literary world and beyond.

Interested in the road not taken, The Rumpus emphasizes expressing yourself and your writing in the most “artful and authentic” way you can. For those who may feel as though their style or genre or type of writing doesn’t quite blend with the norm, The Rumpus might be a good place to look into submitting your essays, reviews, interviews, advice, music, film and poetry.

The Los Angeles Review is exactly like the city itself. A melting pot of artistic expression, this literary magazine encourages writers both published and emerging to submit their work. So what are you waiting for? Get to it.

NewPages is the online Portal of Independents! News, information and guides to literary magazines, independent publishers, creative writing programs, independent bookstores, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies, and more.

Snooty, maybe. Uppity, definitely. But, the New York Times still writes a mean book review and remains one of the most quoted/sought after opinions in the country.

The National Book Critics Circle reviews round books from a circular office tower. Not really. Here’s what they actually do: “The NBCC is a nonprofit organization consisting of more than 600 active book reviewers who are interested in honoring quality writing and communicating with one another about common concerns.” Check them out and become a member today. We hear they have great parties.

Though the venerable Christian Science Monitor cut back to one print issue a week, their constantly-updated Web site has a great books section.

National Public Radio never fails to be the reigning champ of smart, hip cultural commentary. Go figure, they write book reviews, too.

The Review Lab matriculated out of the Publishing Lab. It’s a place for emerging writers looking to find a home for their prose.


Author Tools

Association of Writers & Writing Programs
The umbrella organization of creative writing programs covers teachers and writers. Besides career information, the skinny on writing programs, and a great magazine for members, they throw amazing conferences.

Classifieds/jobs, contests, discussion forum, industry news and reviews.

Author Mania
Amusing but helpful advise and articles for all kinds of writers.

Author information, industry news and literary events.

Children’s Books
Information on getting your children’s book published.

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses
The go-to volume for the skinny on independent journals and presses that covers distribution, editorial quirks, fundraising, jobs, publicity and general Q&A.

Creative Cauldron
Provides information on publishers, dead publications, artists, conferences, and classes.

Done Deal
Screenwriting website with information on the business and craft.

Editing Writing
Professional writing editing services provided to authors online.

Elephant Rock Productions
Former Fiction Writing Professor and original Publishing Lab adviser Jotham Burrello’s  online source for the business of writing and publishing and his instructional DVDs, So, Is It Done? and Submit!

Expert Editor
These guys know what’s what in the editing business. Want to know the difference between editing and proofreading? Let the Expert Editor walk you through it and any other question you may have.


Funds for Writers
Includes how-to articles, writing links, newsletters, lists of markets (some lower paying markets that are easier to crack), contests, and grants.

Gotham Writers Workshop
Our humble nation’s premiere non-university affilated writing center, offers a helpful toolbox for emerging writers. Check out their online courses too.

Market List
Free classified ads, articles, contests, interviews with editors and agents. What else do you need?

Searchable job site, posted resumes, events, bulletin board, and general news articles.

Provides information to help you move from fiction to screenwriting — contests and markets.

Mr. Magazine
Offers latest information on consumer magazines, including the thirty most notable launches of the last year, and a comprehensive list of every new magazine launched each month.

The place for news on alternative print and media, links to indie presses and literary magazines.

No Media Kings
Novelist Jim Monroe got fed up with the world of big corporate publishers. His site focuses on the world of indie publishing.

Open Colleges
Offers great online writing classes for the just-too-busy, night owls, and agoraphobic at heart.

Para Publishing
Provides extensive information on self-publishing and promotion.

Poets & Writers Online
Big shots of the literary publishing world. Their site offers calls for submission, contest listings, jobs and plenty of good articles and interviews with big-time writers.

TV? TV? Well yeah. It’s the SyFy Channel’s online home, but they have plenty of useful stuff for sci-fi writers — interviews with writers, book reviews, etc.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Your portal into the realm of Sci-Fi/Fantasy publishing. Recommended readings, writing tips, reviews, agent listings and legal tips.

Six Questions For…
Where editors, publishers, agents, educators, and writers discuss writing.

SunOasis Jobs
Because we all need to eat sooner or later, this site lists jobs for writers, editors, and copywriters organized by type of writing and region.  Also features articles on getting jobs.
Web Del Sol
Has its very own online journal in addition to classifieds, market information, newsletters and the lowdown on writing programs. You’ll  want to bookmark this one.

Writer’s Free Reference
A page of links with free information on agents, contests, publishing and even poetry.

Writer’s Guild of America
It’s a labor union that covers writers working in film, TV and radio, and they provide plenty of information on writing and registering your work.

Writer’s Net
An online directory of agents, editors, publishers and writers. Talk shop in the forums.

Provides a list of warnings about deadbeat publishers and publications, lists only paying markets and freelance opportunities.

Writing For Dollars
Free newsletter with money-making tips.

Forums for critiquing other people’s work and receiving feedback on yours.


Chicago Literary Scene Examiner
Columbia’s own Rob Duffer blogs on the Chicago lit scene.  Also includes fabulous list of regular events.

Maud Newton
The online home of an attorney-turned-writer/editor with a logo typeset like a ransom note.

Columbia College Creative Writing Department
The department’s blog featuring student and staff accomplishments as well as markets and contests.

Student and Alumni Publications

Bird’s Thumb
Dali’s Lovechild
I Am Feminism
Lit Literature
Paper Heartbeats
The Vignette Review



Publishing Undergrads Only

The Allegheny Review

Cadaverine Magazine– UK-based, publishing authors under thirty-years-old

Catfish Creek– Loras College

Collision Literary Magazine– poetry, creative nonfiction, literary criticism

Conifers-Pine Manor College

Glass Mountain-University of Houston

Polaris-Prize-based out of Ohio Northern University

The Susquehanna Review



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