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Book Reviews:

Send us a query  and we’ll tell you what books we have available for review. You can then come into the Publishing Lab to pick one up. As always, please read some of our past reviews first to get a sense of our style.

If you’ve never written a book review (or even if you have), we offer a great article about the mechanics of reviewing (appropriately titled “How to Write a Book Review”). We also encourage all reviewers to read Donna Seaman’s guest column, “Reviewing Essentials.” It is an excellent primer on the art of reviewing from one of the country’s preeminent book critics. For those interested in completing their own hand-crafted Syllabus, check out our guidelines here.

Once you have read your review copy and have composed a first draft, please follow these guidelines:

• Include the following info in the top left corner of the document, single-spaced: title of the book, author, publisher, ISBN number, page count, your name.

• Send your review as a .doc file.

• Don’t send us sloppy work: reread for typos before submitting.

Each review that is accepted for publication goes through a careful editing process before it is published. It is not uncommon for a review to go through several drafts before it is finished.


We are currently looking for interviews with professionals in the book-reviewing/publishing world. We currently have a list of potential interviewees ready for you to research and engage in conversation, please e-mail us for further details. Check out our previous interviews for an idea of what we take.