About The Lab Review Blog

The Lab Review Blog is produced by The Publishing Lab at Columbia College Chicago’s Department of Creative Writing, featuring book reviews, literary links, interviews, musings, and everything in between.

As a blog published in conjunction with our literary magazine, The Lab Review, we are proud to provide a much-needed venue for readers, writers, and publishers to converse about books. The reviews we publish here will help train a new generation of writers to think and write critically about the literature of our time.

Each week, an editor from our Publishing Lab posts a Lab Report, linking and discussing articles found throughout an array of literary Web sites and blogs. In addition, a new blog post is published on the site every month, and visitors to The Lab Review Blog are encouraged to leave comments. Join the discussion!

In the years since its launch, The Lab Review Blog has generated a significant amount of traffic, both from within the department and from the larger literary community. With new reviewers and columnists joining the fold on a steady basis, we are confident that we will continue expanding on into the future.

For more information, query letters, and submissions, please e-mail us at reviewlab@colum.edu and visit our main website. Editors are in The Lab (Room 803 of 624 S. Michigan) every Monday through Friday. Feel free to drop by! We love to answer your questions.


We ask that publishers do not send us unsolicited books, ABI forms, or galleys. Publishers and publicists interested in having their materials reviewed should query our editors regarding new titles. Please contact us via e-mail.


If you are interested in reviewing for us, or writing any other sort of article (including Lab Reports!), first us shoot a query e-mail with what it is you are pitching/ are interested in doing. Then, visit our Submissions page for all the details.


Faculty Advisor: Patricia McNair

Head Editor: Dahazee Flores

Associate Editors: Kamesha Hayes, John Stadelman, Nikki Macahon, Anna Moritz, Celeste Paed, Kristen Nichols


Founding Editor: Stephanie Velasco

Review Lab Alumni: Justin Bostian, Dan Duffy, Fallon Gallagher, Malissa Stark, William Horner, Giovanni Perry, Cory Metzinger, Lexi Baisden, John Setzco

Special Thanks to: Jotham Burrello, Randy Albers, Patricia Ann McNair, Nicole Chakalis, Matthew Shenoda, Deb Siegel, Donna Seaman, Geoff Hyatt, Bryan Zera, Jehan Abon, Edward Thomas, and Creative and Print Services.