Palate Cleanser: Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day upon us, here is a selection of love-centered literary links:

The term “romance sells” is popular, but have you ever wondered just how much? Children’s books and nonfiction are some of the biggest sellers in the world, but according to Writing Forward’s website, romance outsells every other genre. (Say, whaaaat?) Whether you’re a veteran romance writer or a newbie, check out these tips to refresh yourself before you get cracking on that new chapter!


To get those creative juices flowing, The Bustle has compiled a list of the 7 Most Romantic Love Stories Of All Time. Check them out for inspiration!



Feeling stuck? Here are some tips for writing romance by Rami Ungar.

Unsure how to go about writing that first kiss scene? Never fear! Tips For Writing Love Scenes from 20 different authors is just a click away.


Main Course

A romance isn’t exciting if there are no challenges for our two lovebirds. If you’re looking for ways to make your romance rocky, Writers Digest has some great tips on writing conflict in romance

And remember to make your female characters interesting. Give them a backbone instead of wishbone. It goes without saying that your male characters should be just as equally flawed and interesting.’s article Writing Women Characters as Human Beings offers plenty of advice on the matter.



Ever wonder why people are still buzzing about Pride and Prejudice? Why Mr. Darcy has the ability to make women swoon since 1813? Check out the book’s 200th Anniversary article by USA Today from 2013. If you’re wanting even more of Jane Austen, sit back, relax and enjoy this scene of Mr. Darcy confessing his love. (Trigger warnings include fainting and melting into a puddle of goo on the floor.)

This week’s Palate Cleanser was written by associate editor, Alexandria Baisden.

Image Credit: “Love is in the subway” by Benurs, posted originally on Flickr.